I’m reading “Outsider’s Within”…..

1 06 2007

…..and I’m realizing that the people who contributed to this book know more about white America and white people than I do.

I never knew what a middle class white American was….maybe until I got my first job and actually met some middle class white people. Still, it didn’t sink in. It took me several years at that job to see the difference between my life and theirs and then several more years to realize that they were actually the majority, not me.

Then, over say the past ten years or so I’ve had some time to think a bit more about it. My four years in dental school (2002-2006) were my real eye opener to what upper middle class white people are. I was officially out of my hometown and surrounded by “them”.

It’s a funny feeling. I don’t know if I feel cheated or not. People still mistake me for one of “them”. I still have problems interacting with “them”. I struggle with whether or not I should become one of “them”. But – I do know that I currently hate and deeply resent being mistaken for one of “them”. I try to view “them” objectively, but it’s tough. I find that I often don’t like “them”.


Protected: I’m reading a book about being an ACoA……

31 05 2007

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I finally decided to do a little reading about Ireland…

29 05 2007

….I identify as “Irish” and I know so little about being Irish (IMO) despite being Irish, growing up in an Irish neighborhood and having a name that couldn’t be mistaken for anything but Irish.

The book I’m reading is called “The Burning of Bridget Cleary” by Angela Bourke. Yes, this book has to do with the literal burning of a woman. The book is an attempt to analyze the reasons why this burning occurred, at the hands of Bridget’s own family, back in Co. Tipperary back in 1895. The author explores superstitious beliefs in fairies and attitudes toward “unconventional” women and childless women, in particular.

Had I been born in Ireland back then, I wonder if they would have burned me?

Some books I just finished and would recommend….

25 04 2007

…..”Ambiguous Loss” by Pauline Boss. This book was recommended by a fellow blogger and I found it a very worthwhile read. The book is very appropriate for anyone wishing to understand losses like those associated with adoption. Basically the book goes into the issues surrounding losses that aren’t really recognized by society and that do not yet have a finality to them. This really places additional burden on those experiencing the ambiguous loss. The book goes into many applicable situations that can apply, not just adoption. I actually found many personally useful examples in the book.

I’m almost done with “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore. This book should be read by every American. It’s very very readable…..no heavy text, but lots of very pertinent examples of how global warming is affecting our planet.

Hmmmmm….I have to check my bookshelf. I think I’m forgetting one.

I also started a collection of short stories by an author I’ve never read before. I don’t know how I stumbled upon this collection (probably just browsing at Amazon). The book is “The Cemetery of Chua Village” and it’s by the Vietnamese author Doan Le.