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29 05 2007

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12 05 2007

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11 05 2007

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Racism behind suicide attempts…..

4 05 2007

…..I read this article and I vowed to myself, yet again, to do everything I can to protect my daughter from racism and to defend her (and others who experience racism) when it happens.

Racism and sexual harassment could lie behind the higher incidence of suicide attempts amongst teenagers adopted from foreign countries.

Girls are particularly at risk, according to a Swedish study which has looked into the problem.

“I’m concerned that racism is a bigger problem than we previously thought,” said researcher Frank Lindblad to TT.

Earlier research has indicated that adopted teenagers from foreign countries are more than four times more likely to attempt suicide than other teenagers.

There are a number of possible factors behind the phenomenon. Society’s prejudice against against people of different appearance can be an important one, according to Lindblad, a researcher at the Institute of Psyhosocial Medicine and a member of the team behind the current study.

Lindblad and his colleagues looked at 13,000 adopted children who were born between 1963 and 1973 and followed them up to 2002. Just over half were born in Sweden and the rest in other countries.

The results show an increased risk in both groups of attempted suicide, but a significantly higher risk amongst the foreign adoptees. Discrimination could be an explanation.

It’s also not unusual for foreign adoptees to have greater problems in finding their identity in relation to their parents and society as a whole.

The situation is most serious for women. Suicide attempts are several times higher amongst foreign female adoptees than amongst Swedish born women of the same age. The difference is big even compared to adopted women with Swedish biological parents.

The research team believe they’ve detected a pattern following interviews with young adopted women of Asian descent.

“People have preconceptions that [women of Asian descent] are promiscuous, prostitutes, have a strong sex drive and are considered to be exotic,” said Frank Lindblad, who believes that such sexual prejudices can be difficult for the women concerned to understand.

The study is published in the scientific journal Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology.

Edited to add that I understand that there are problems in the article itself that need adressing. Here, I am just trying to bring to light the fact that tras, particularly Asian women, are at higher risk for suicide.

Some books I just finished and would recommend….

25 04 2007

…..”Ambiguous Loss” by Pauline Boss. This book was recommended by a fellow blogger and I found it a very worthwhile read. The book is very appropriate for anyone wishing to understand losses like those associated with adoption. Basically the book goes into the issues surrounding losses that aren’t really recognized by society and that do not yet have a finality to them. This really places additional burden on those experiencing the ambiguous loss. The book goes into many applicable situations that can apply, not just adoption. I actually found many personally useful examples in the book.

I’m almost done with “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore. This book should be read by every American. It’s very very readable… heavy text, but lots of very pertinent examples of how global warming is affecting our planet.

Hmmmmm….I have to check my bookshelf. I think I’m forgetting one.

I also started a collection of short stories by an author I’ve never read before. I don’t know how I stumbled upon this collection (probably just browsing at Amazon). The book is “The Cemetery of Chua Village” and it’s by the Vietnamese author Doan Le.

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25 04 2007

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