*Arabic words used in Islam…

I decided to write this page to help myself (and anyone else) learn the Arabic terms that are commonly used in Islam.

alhamdulillah – “praise belongs to Allah (swt)”

allahu akbar – Allah (swt) is greater.

assalamu alaykum – peace be upon you, the greeting of a Muslim.

astagfurallah – if I ask forgiveness of Allah (swt).

ayat – proofs, evidence, verses, evidence, signs, revelations, etc.

bismillah – “in the name of Allah(swt)”, said before doing something that is halal.

da’wah – “call”, calling to the Truth through preaching and propagation.

deen – the way of life for a Muslim.

dhikr – rememberance of Allah (swt) in one’s heart. To engage in “dhikr” is to have awareness of Allah (swt) in one’s heart.

du’a’ – requesting Allah’s (swt) personal attention by means of supplication.

dunya – this world…earthly concerns and possessions (as opposed to spiritual matters).

fiqh – Islamic jurisprudence.

fisq – transgression against God.

fitnah – trials or temptations that test the unity of the Muslim community. The term may be used to describe insurrection or civil warfare or, more specifically, to define a tribunal over doctrinal issues.

Hadith –

hajj –

halal – permissible, lawful

haraam – prohibited, illegal

hijra –

iblis –

ijtihad – to exercise personal judgment based on the Sunnah and Qur’an.

iman – faith

injil –

Islam – submission to Allah’s (swt) will.

insha’Allah – God willing, if Allah (swt) wills.

jannah – Paradise.

jinn –

jum’ah –

kafir – one who denies or rejects Truth.

mahram – a man whom a woman can never marry because of closeness of relationship, also includes her husband.

masha’Allah – “what Allah (swt) wishes”, a phrase to indicate appreciation for an aforementioned person or event.

masjid – mosque

nifaq – hypocrisy

nikah – marriage

qiblah – prayer direction (facing the Ka’ba).

rak’ah – a unit of Prayer. (pl. raka’at)

sadaqah – voluntary charitable giving.

sahabah – companions of the Prophet (pbuh).

salah – Prayers.

sallallahu ‘alaihe wa salaam (saw) – “may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him”, said whenever the name of the Prophet (pbuh) is read or mentioned.

shahada – the Muslim declaration of the belief in the Oneness of God and in Muhammed (pbuh) as his final prophet.

shirk – to associate partners with Allah (swt) in all that is particular to Allah (swt).

subhanallah – “glorified is Allah (swt)”.

subhanalhu wa ta’ala – “glorified is he and exalted”, used by Muslims when the name of Allah (swt) is pronounced or written.

sura – chapter of the Qur’an.

tawheed – Islamic concept of monotheism, affirming and defending the unity of God in the Islamic sense of Unitarianism.

ummah – the worldwide community of Muslims.

wa alaikum assalam – “and on you, be peace”, the reply to the Muslim greeting of assalamu alaikum (peace be upon you).

wudu – ablution made before prescribed Prayers.

zakat – 2.5% of wealth given yearly.


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