“It was God’s will”……

31 05 2007

…..here’s an expression that is apparently much hated in blog-land. People become irate when someone makes this statement with regard to a bad event that has occurred. To them, it makes no sense and is even offensive and hurtful.

Now, because of this, I never tell someone that I think anything sorrowful was God’s will. You never know the reaction you are going to get even though your intentions are 100% good.

Maybe I’m weird, because I find the statement comforting. I even remind myself that everything, to me, is God’s will, when something awful has happened to me. People are perplexed by this. They seem to think I’m stating that I believe God wants bad things to happen to me. Not so. I simply accept that God has reasons for what happens to us and those reasons are, at times, beyond our comprehension. Sometimes, it’s up to us to try to find out what those reasons are and sometimes it isn’t.




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