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25 03 2007

…..I’ve had the chance to meet lots of wonderful people, many of whom are also adopting internationally. Lately, I find that I am being contacted more and more by people who’ve found my site and who say they are following my blog. Great. I’ve also noticed that many of these women are adopting and have very little understanding about adoption. Not so great!

So, what to do? I don’t want to not interact with these women. We have something very strong in common, as will our children. I don’t want to make my “light” blog so heavy that people run away. I want to approach these ladies in the right way so as not to chase them off, but to keep them around and get them to see things differently, one step at a time. Anything less will be counterproductive.




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28 03 2007
Jeff Culbreath

Hello Margaret. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Unfortunately I’m not able to leave comments there myself because of Blog-City’s transitioning away from free blogs.

I hope you and your mother will attend the Latin Mass in your area. Sometimes modern people find it very strange: too much silence and mystery. They’re used to being entertained and having everything explained to them. But if you’re patient you will find that it grows on you …

4 04 2007

Oh, I know my mom loves the silence and the mystery. I also know she studied Latin for twelve years in school. That’s the way she grew up with the Mass and she’s been sad about the change ever since it happened. I really do hope we get to go. I am going to mention it to her again.

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