I recently read a post on another blog….

10 03 2007

There’s a book I think I’ll pick up that pertains to the US meat industry. I think this is the book we were talking about:


It’s a book I need to read, although I may not be able to get through it. In my heart I believe I should not be eating meat….maybe not even dairy. I’ve been a vegetarian before, but I wasn’t always very good at it. Still, I think trying and having a few failures is better than not trying at all. At least I should begin by cutting down the amount of meat I eat.

Of course, my family is free to do as they wish. I do wish CV would consider a diet with less meat because he is struggling with high cholesterol, if for no other reason. Eating meat is part of the tradiational diet in the provinces where E and A are from. I’ve been reading about the traditional pork New Year’s meal that people treasure in Hunan. It may be very similar in the rural areas of JiangXi and Anhui. I think I could deal with it ethically if I kept cooking meat for my family.

I’ve thought, too, of perhaps buying only animal meat that has not been mass produced. It’s crazy expensive, but if we didn’t eat so much, it wouldn’t be more costly overall. I think it would make sabbat and holiday meals more meaningful if the feast containing something we don’t normally have.




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