Adding to my Links…..

11 02 2007

…since I’m a lover of every kind of food and cooking, I decided to expand my links to include food/recipe related blogs and sites. If you have a favorite, feel free to make a suggestion.

This week I’ll probably be fairly busy at work, but I am going to get in a few calls and emails during the early part of the week to ensure that we get our I-171H in a timely fashion.  I’m so eager to have all this fretting come to an end and I’m praying it all ends favorably.  I can only control so much though.

I started figuring out this years taxes and it seems like we should be getting a sizable return. We are planning to put most of it in E’s college fund. We have a goal to meet each  year with her fund and I think we should be able to meet it easily this year.

We had a nice little family cooking day today. We made a humongous pot of tomato sauce and we made eggplant parmesan. E loved it! The other night we went out for Mexican food and in between demanding coffee from Daddy and dancing her heart out in her highchair, she downed an enormous quantity of food.  She loved my enchiladas, Daddy’s tortillas and rice and his sizzling steak. The only think she turned her nose up to was refried beans! Little does she know how delicious they are!




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