The adoption of A……

30 01 2007

….is still really hanging in the air. We’ve enlisted the help of many other people, but we haven’t heard what’s happening. For now, we just sit and wait and pray that our case is being worked on. I think I’ll make some phone calls tomorrow, send out some letters and some emails and hope for responses. We’ve sent pics of “A” everywhere along with his story. Our case really is unique.

Some of my friends are very disappointed this week at work. Several people were waiting to hear if they matched to a pediatric dentistry program. The whole process of acceptance/rejection is so random. Some people have tried multiple times, they are excellent candidates, and they still didn’t get in.

I’ve thought so much about specializing myself, but no one area of dentistry pulls me over all of the others. The only thing I don’t particularly care for is making dentures. I like crown and bridge, root canals, fillings, sugery. I’ve thought about becoming a pediatric dentist myself, but I hate seeing kids cry. I’m on my pedo rotation this week and the kids have been wonderful, but they get so scared sometimes. Still, pediatric dentistry has everything I enjoy doing and I think it would be a real challenge. It’d be neat to learn to do some ortho. The trauma cases I’ve seen over the past few months have been a challenge to manage correctly. The one thing I also think I wouldn’t like about pedo is that there would be no implants and really no cosmetic dentistry. There’s still too much I want to explore.

E is becoming more and more amazing everyday. She says “thank you Daddy” when he gives her a bottle. It’s so beautiful! She makes jokes…..she likes to pick up an empty coffee cup and say “my coffee!” She tells me which clothes she wants to wear and insists upon putting them on herself. I’m amazed that she actually can do a pretty good job dressing! If I get too close to Daddy, she literally comes and stands between us and says “NO NO!” “My Daddy!” and attempts to push me away! She’s too much! All we can do is laugh. I submitted her picture recently to the folks over at “Anti-Racist Parent” and I’m hoping it gets published soon. It’s a pic I adore of her!

I’m reading another book about adoption. It’s entitles “In Their Own Voices”. I’m too lazy to get up and look at the editors name right now, but I’ll be putting in in my “book recommendations”. This is another book that tells the stories of transracial adoptees. So far, each adoptee has been either African American and raised by people of European “white” ancestry through domestic adoption. The stories tell both the good and the bad and seem very honest to me.




5 responses

1 02 2007

It’s wonderful to watch our babies become toddlers and then little people. I can’t wait to see that photo!!

2 02 2007

I want you to be my dentist.

2 02 2007

Kim- I’d love to be your dentist!

8 02 2007
Pat James

There is nothing like a good pediatric dentist. I found my kids a wonderful one that knew how to make them relax and not be afraid. All my kids are grown and have kids and none of them are afraid like I am…..had a horrible scary dentist!

9 02 2007

Pat… blog you have there!

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