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23 11 2006

……as some of you know, I have become interested in learning about Buddhism and have started to do some reading. I think I’m really grasping the most basic of concepts. The more I read, the more I realize I need to keep reading more and more because the concepts are so foreign to me…..some are difficult to grasp the real meaning of. At some point if I am going to continue my learning, I am going to need a teacher.

I just started a book called “Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Lives of Boys”. An online friend recommended it and I thought that since we are adopting A, I should pick it up. The authors are two psychologists who have treated many troubled boys over the years. I’m very interested to read what they have to say.

I also picked up a book on being a mother to a girl, but I haven’t started it yet. The title is “Mother Daughter Wisdom”. It got good reviews on Amazon, so I decided to pick it up.




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24 11 2006

Hi! I enjoy your blog, and I am immensely greatful for the link you provide to mine. I read your post from several days back re: the Dalai Lama’s book on compassion, and that is a wonderful book from which to explore Buddhism. Truly, you’ll soon learn that Buddhism is not about study or intellectual knowledge, but of experience. In terms of compassion, it’s the practical generation of compassion, and the compassion you show to others that is important.

When you wish to begin exploring the wisdom branch (much of Buddhist practice can be simplistically reduced to the practices of Wisdom and Altruism), I can highly recommend Seeking the Heart of Wisdom by Goldstein. It delves into some complex Buddhism thought, but has one of the clearest explanations of insight meditation and dealing with the hindrances that I’ve read.

And when you’re ready to begin exploring for a teacher, I’d highly recommend going to several different temples or groups, to see how that particular branch of Buddhism functions. Different sects place stress on different practices, and you have to see which approach is the most effective for you. Zen services will differ greatly from Tibetan, for instance. Best of luck in your search!


25 11 2006

Thanks for coming to my blog and offering your thoughts! I really am truly a beginner. You mention “wisdom” and I found that a difficult concept to understand toward the end of the book I’m reading. I appreciate the book recommendation.

I have much to learn about the different branches of Buddhism as well. I have no idea what the differences are. I really have no idea what to expect from the services at all.

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