More about “Buddhism for Mothers”…..

24 09 2006

I know the title sounds fluffy…..and with what I know about Buddhism, maybe the book is fluffy and I don’t even realize it. I am, however, deriving something I think is really critical from this book…..if only I can put it into practice.

The idea comes from the NobleEightfold Path and has to do with mindfulness, or being present and aware in the moment. I’m realizing that this is where I am a miserable failure and I think it’s costing me. I have a very hard time just sitting along and not letting my mind race with all the thoughts I have going on in my head and with all the things I know I have to do. It’s reached the point where I don’t think I’d know what to do if I had to be entirely alone with myself and in the moment. In the long run, I think I’m losing out on life. When I’m with E, I want to treasure every moment. I don’t want to let her precious childhood pass me by. She grows bigger every day and I want to be there, not just physically but mentally, when I’m with her. I want to fully experience every moment we get together and I don’t think I’m able to fully do this now. I am going to try some of the simple exercises in the book.



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