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12 08 2006

“Anyone who understands or studies the social development of children and young people knows that attitudes, values and self-esteem are well developed by the mid-teen years, or even earlier. What young people see and hear in the media helps them to figure out how the world works and who and what is valued in our society.If the media’s take on Aboriginal people is interpreted at face value, then kids are growing up with a skewed vision of what it means to be part of a First Peoples society. If they get their impressions from the news, they’ll likely view Aboriginal people as a negative force. And if their impressions come from films and TV programs, they’ll learn to think of Aboriginal people as inferior (passive, aggressive or drunk) or simply as non-entities, obliterated by omission.

When young Aboriginal people read the newspaper or turn on the TV, how often do they see their own life experiences reflected? Almost never……..”

I found it interesting too that when the image of Pocahontas was created for animation, they used several models features combined. None was Native American….in fact, one face used was that of Kate Moss?!?!




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13 08 2006

No f-n wonder she is my least favorite Disney Princess of Color. I cannot stand her sexualized figure and garb (I once muttered that she looked like a porn star and my kid said “corn star?” so now that is what I call her in front of JL.) Nor can I abide the message that a people under certain threat of genocide is equally capable of unreasonable hatred. When JL asks about the white men’s motives I tell her they take what they want because they are mean. But then she gets to be confused by the white guy almost being killed by Pocahontas’ father.

I think Mulan is wonderful though.

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