A trip to Poland….

25 06 2006

for some reason I dreamed that E, CV and I went to Poland to tour the country. We were with numerous friends and family members in the dream. The overall feeling was one of incredible peace. We ate in huge banquet halls, stayed in charming little hotels, toured the cities. Everyone in the tour group knew each other….we were basically all together. I think the reason Poland entered my dreams is because I have a great-grandfather from Poland and my former FIL was from Poland (and is actually an Auschwitz survivor).

The dream took a very different turn at one point. I had entrusted someone else to watch over E while we ate and, lo and behold, she got lost. I was livid with the person and began running around the hotel and throughout the city like a hysterical mother, screaming for E and asking everyone for help.

As the dream went on there were sightings of E, but I was always too late to catch her. At one point, in the hotel parking lot, I knew I was cornering her, but she really didn't want to be caught. I chased her into the hotel and into the lobby, where she promptly began to vaporize, what was left of her racing into a fireplace and up the chimney. She was gone. I realized she wasn't really real and I chased her no more.

This was my first nightmare with E in it. I really don't know how to interpret the dream.

I would, however, love to see Poland someday. Maybe she will want to also.




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