Our voyage together…

23 06 2006

….CV and I had the chance to talk tonight after E went to bed. We realize that now, more than ever, we have to make the most of our time alone together. CV has never been much of a talker, but I’m encouraging him to open up more to me and to share with me all of his hopes and dreams, no matter how silly he thinks they may sound. I’m blessed to be married to a brilliant, passionate man and I know there are probably things he wants to do with his life that will help him attain a greater sense of personal fulfillment. He’s done so much to help me reach my goals. He’s a marvelous husband and father….I want him to think of him a bit, too. Beyond E and me, what are his dreams? Will he share them with me so that we can think of a way to make them happen together?


He is different from me. Security is a great motivator for me, and what makes me secure is having a loving family, a safe home, insurance and plenty of money in the bank. The need for security for me and my family are a great driving force behind much of my behavior. CV is different. I’m not entirely sure what motivates him. I think security is important to him….but what else is there that keeps him pushing forward each day? I really don’t know.




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